Social Media Audit

Ginger Green Marketing offers a free social media audit to get your business on the right path to social media success. To learn more, enter your information on the contact page, or call Nicole directly at 860-287-4470.

Social media audits do require time and expertise to execute properly. Please allow 24 hours for a response and up to a week for a full report, depending on the request depth and number of platforms used.

Photos, videos, info-graphics… what?

There is a lot of mixed information on the internet regarding what is best for each platform. If you have questions about a particular social media platform or you want to know which one makes the most sense for your business, I highly encourage you to reach out to us.

Not every business will benefit from every platform and sometimes you might be surprised by the answer to “which platform is right for me?”

We can help you navigate these tricky questions and others.

Reach out today. 860-287-4470.